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These are some pictures of the Lawrence Calhoun Spikes' side of the family.

Lawrence Spikes, one of Israel's sons, was better known as Bud or Daddy Spikes. He was quite a cowboy, farmer, and cattle raiser.

He had many children: Nettie (1857-?), Henry Lawerence (Lontie) (1878-1945), Buelah (1880-1899), Viola (1885-1899), Sarah Luiza (1882-1916), Russell (1890-?), Jessie Helen (1888-1972), Porter (1894-1932), Mabel ( 1896-1970).

Nettie, Buelah, and Viola all died of Typhoid Fever.

The family grew up in Mabank, TX. For a while, Daddy Spikes moved the family to Benjamin, TX and they lived on the Spikes Ranch in King County.  They had their own cattle brand and Porter had the iron.

Above: Picture of Porter Spikes.

Above: Russell Spikes.

Pictured Above: Mabel and Jessie Helen Spikes.

Above: Porter Spikes.

Above: Jessie Helen Spikes. Sometimes Jessie went by the nickname of Gane.